Climate Change and Meditation

Climate change. It’s hard to ignore 25 degrees and snow in October in Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin weather is often unpredictable, but this was definitely outside of our normal weather.

I find it easier to understand various ideas and theories by associating them with concepts I already understand. Therefore, when I think of global warming I think of the brain. When a brain injury occurs to an area of the brain that helps us control our emotions, we can lose some or all control over our emotions.

Like damage to the brain can reduce emotional control, when damage occurs to the ozone layer, there is less regulation over our atmospheric temperature. Climatic cycles are becoming more and more unpredictable. Though the ozone hole has shown signs of shrinking, the hole still came about two weeks early this year.

So how does meditation play into all of this? Studies have shown that meditation increases awareness. Therefore, we become more perceptive of our environment. Practicing meditation leads to a more balanced brain.

Meditation practitioners have been found to have a stronger and better connected corpus callosum. Corpus what? The corpus callosum is a band of nerves that connect the left and right sides of the brain. Meditation can harmonize these brain hemispheres creating more balance. Overall, this leads to improved focus, mental health, and clearer thinking.

This is part of the science behind why meditation can lead to increased awareness of our environment. This is where it all comes full-circle. Meditation practitioners experience increased awareness of their environment and may be more in tune with climate change as a result. As we continue to meditate we are more present in the moment and can pay better attention to the changes occurring around us.

The weather is definitely changing around us. Wisconsin’s October snow is evidence of this. It is important to consider the damage we are doing to our environment and the impact it’s having on our climate before it’s too late. So take some time to meditate, examine our surroundings, and consider what we can do to save our planet.


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