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Climate Change and Meditation

Climate change. It’s hard to ignore 25 degrees and snow in October in Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin weather is often unpredictable, but this was definitely outside of our normal weather. I find it easier to understand various ideas and theories by associating them with concepts… Continue Reading “Climate Change and Meditation”


Infatuation. It’s exciting. It’s also short-lived. Infatuation can blind us and make us think that we want something that maybe isn’t right for us. Or is it really even what we want? When we stop and assess the qualities of the individual we are… Continue Reading “Relationships”


One day I stopped and assessed my life. I asked myself, “Am I passionate about what I’m doing? No. Do I like what I’m doing? No. What’s missing? Passion, enjoyment, and meaning. Then why am I still doing it? A paycheck, well that’s not… Continue Reading “Life”